[kusshon] mens dept item part 1 january

[kusshon] mens dept item part 1 january

oslo lounge item. to sit, to relax. many deco, texture changer, cool anims – fitting the oslo shelf very well. all mesh, all sexy.
taxi to the mens department: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Pea/119/42/23

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[kusshon] mens dept item part 2 january

[kusshon] mens dept item part 2 january

oslo wall shelf with many boxes with different labels. the idea was t present a shelf where you store your art work (photos, sketches, illustration, etc). with candles, books and much space for your own things. i loved to to this (actually it is part of one of my private apartments – i built it for that). run to the mens dept. buy. love.
taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Pea/119/42/23

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[kusshon] mens dept item December – out now in main shop

[kusshon] mens dept item December - out now in main shop

Hello all,
i was lazy, yes. this was the mens dept item for the month of december. i had no november item, i needed some rest from sl :). but i was back with this item – a mesh retro set called “writing desk and chair nippon”
low land impact, many very cool props like a photo book with old japanese advertising poster, a phone, a stack of literature magazines… you will love it for sure!

no pic, but also out and fitting: a small hanging shelf with some books and deco. both out now in my main shop. next post this day: the new mens dept item january. taxi to my main store:

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[kusshon] furniture new autumn freebie out

Hello Darlings,

do you remember my last years spring freebie? it was a lil concrete bench for your garden with flower pots and coffee and a magazine and such. pic? of course :):


because you all loved this bench so much and asked often for, i decided to bring it back into my main shop. you can buy it there from now on. AAANNNDDD because you all loved this bench so much, i decided to give you a new version of the bench: the FIRST LUNCH IN AUTUMN BENCH. Same bench – but with autumn deco. its for free. grab it at my main shop at strata. for a taxi click here.

i will bring this bench also as a winter version as freebie. so stay tuned :).

beo loves you. all.

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[kusshon] October Set for the Mens Department….

hello all,

late but better than never. this is the [kusshon] mens department item october. a coffee brake set with coffee maschine with sound, some props like a coffee mug, a magazine and an [k]pad. the table has a texture changer for the wood. and it comes in sveral colors:

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hope you like it. here is a taxi to the mens dept head quarter.  more coming soooon. see the next post :). there is a new freebie at my main store.
beo loves you. all.

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august item of the mens dept event – kusshon for you






hope you guys (and girls) like the sets. great and cool tv anims in the chair – and of course they are unisex. relax a bit and enjoy your sl. beo loves you. all.

taxi to the mens dept event here

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[kusson] at the july mens dept.: mens bean bags



hey all,

this is (like always a little late posted, sorry folks) the new mens dept. item i made: mens bean bags. but of course also great to use for women ;). four different styles with mostly different anims. 4 colors. there is a mixed colors set, but you can also buy the set only in red, blue, teal or lilac. very cool is the beanie i made with a “play guitar” anim. and of course there is a guitar with the set – also in a transfer version, so you can gift a guitar to your loved one (to say the truth – there are TWO transfer guitars in the set. so you can also sent one to your toy boy or such ^^). the guitar is scripted with music – a special made finger tip song i made personal for this guitar. touch the upper outer know – and you play the song. cool eh?

one of my most loved sl blogger around, carthalis rossini, showed the bean bags in his blog. have a look to see the guitar bean bag in action – i love the pics he made. thank you carthalis! taxi to his blog carthalis. the sets are out only at the mens dept this month, each set only 150 ld. here is the taxi to the mens dept. 

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