[kusshon] elegant floor pillows out (again)



Hello darlings,

one thing i really love is to get notecards about some thing you miss in shop atm (because i´m a lazy ass and need so much time to rework older items (update with materials and as copy versions and better anims and such *sigh*).

But hey: you asked for, here we are: the elegant floor pillows are out again :)!
Now with materials and as copy version, out in shop now.
I work at more items to update them, you will find them soon in shop. Next: my pianos :). I will update them with many more music tunes.

Taxi to the mainshop here.

Taxi to the marketplace shop here.

CU around, Beo



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[kusshon] special Christmas Freebie for Berlin



Hello my friends,

i decided to create a special christmas freebie for my branch shop in Berlin 1920s Project: A little cookie lover plate – touch to get a wearable animated cookie.
2 Versions: with and without christmas mouse :).

This special freebie is out ONLY at Berlin, you will find my Shop near the train station (the point you enter Berlin after teleporting from the landing point), left side, Alexanderplatz 6. Follow the red arrow with this taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/1920s%20Berlin%20Project/5/214/24
Enjoy :).


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[kusshon] winter freebie out again


[kusshon] snow-man-freebie-poster

Hello friends,

[kusshon] main shop is now in winter wonderland mode :). And here is one of your most loved gifts again – the snowman with cute anims. perfect for your winter home.
Don´t forget – christmas market is open in front of the shop. And most of my items are reduced now.


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Peace on Earth Hunt # 10 Gift


promo picture for the Peace on Earth Hunt # 10 gift of [kusshon] furniture


Here we go darlings,

that was a busy month up to now. I worked hard to make the marketplace shop more up-to-date, i had to place the christmas market (more about next post, but it´s open now!) at the main shop aaaand… i had to finish the PEACE ON EARTH HUNT # 10 Gift.
I´m a bit proud, because normaly i´m a bit late with anything when a Hunt Deadline is around the corner *sighs*, but this time i´m ready 14 days befor the hunt starts – YAY!
This is what i made for you:
The Christmas Edition of the “Prenzlau” set, which is new (normal sets out up to December 1st, too). An arm chair and a side table, both 5 LI each, chair with 31 adjustable anims with many props. Bookworms and needle work & knitting fans will love that set :).
And yes. There is a cat.
I played around with materials again and here is a set with a decent material look. Wood not to shiny, fabric fluffy but not to deep i think.
I hope you will like that gift.
Peace on Earth Hunt starts December 1st and runs up to December 31st. Behind the counter of my main store is a kiosk so you can join the fitting group for that.


Cu around, have a wonderful week :).

Beolas Whitfield Unterschrift alpha


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Peace on Earth Hunt # 10 – [kusshon] is again original sponsor!



shhhht…. announcement: [kusshon] is again original sponsor of the PEACE ON EARTH HUNT! 10 years #peaceonearth, 10 years #kusshonsl :). December 1st – 31st.
I have a great gift for you, darlings 😘. More soon 🙂
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Buddha brings light to the world



Hello [kusshon] friends,

this adorable, elegant side table with lamp brings literally light to the world with it´s wonderful gold Buddha statue as body. The shade is red silk and comes in perfect harmony with the dark wood of the table.
I made it inspired by “Belle Epoque” or furniture style around 1900. Perfect for any elegant home, what do you think?
Out now at Marketplace and at my main store (also at vendors at my Berlin 1920s Project Shop).
There is also a Lamp only version, atm only out inworld.
6LI, copy


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“Tennyson“ Table Sets prize reduced and out now on marketplace!



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Dear friends,

while i work hard to bring all existing creations to the marketplace, i decided to reduce mostly ANYTHING in my shop permanently. For example these “Tennyson” Table Sets – reduced round about 40 %. Why? Because i can :). I thought about that a long time and the 10th Anniversary of [kusshon] is perfect to work on this, hu?

Made for my edwardian house at Philomena Sim a while ago, the “Tennyson” Sets will fit all your victorian, edwardian and around 1900 needs. Filled with great anims (all adjustable) and props like tea sets and wine glasses, a hand fan and books. All is linked – Chairs, table, runner, carpet. Only the vase is seperated and given as a Bonus to create an elegant atmosphere. Copy.  5 different fabric sets. Each now reduced to 295 L$.

Well, for now i have all the “Tennyson” chairs, buffets, sideboards, tables and table sets uploaded to the marketplace. Have a look and create a perfect 1900 Interieur for your home. Inspect on Marketplace and search for Tennyson or click the set pics to jump to the table sets. All sets rezzed at the [kusshon] mainstore.

Furniture will fit most of all avatars, but they are optimized for normal sized avatars (means: if you are a 2.84 m giant, these chair may not fit your needs. You are able to test the chairs and all at my Main Store).

Yours, Beo

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